Bioclimatic Building Upgrade

Solar thermal - Geothermy

Bioclimatic upgrading of buildings is the redevelopment of a building with bioclimatic interventions

The main objective of the 21st century is to protect the environment.
In constructions, it is directly related to the reduction of the thermal and refrigerant load of the buildings, the reduction of the use of fossil fuels and their replacement with the renewable energy sources. Contributing to the hygiene and safe living of the residents of a city without causing any negative impact on the environment. The integrated design of a building involves offering the best possible thermal and visual comfort conditions, with the lowest financial cost in order to create a quality indoor climate.

Mechanical Installations

Water Supply - Drainage - Heating - Air Conditioning - Fire Protection

Mechanical installations constitute the industry involved in the study, the design and the implementation of systems that involve: circulation and power transmission, or systems subject to high pressure or high temperature.

Our company undertakes studies, installation and supervision of systems that are subject to high pressure or high temperature.
It is a prerequisite for us to build reliable solar-geothermal systems that have been carefully studied and designed so that we can achieve maximum performance.

Reinforcement of the existing building facilities

Resin Injections - Cement Injections

We work with experienced architects and civil engineers, and we can guarantee that the final result overlaps the framework of scientific specifications with precision, safety, consistency.